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For Players & Teams

Player Expectations

• Keep your grades and all school work at a minimum of C average;
• Show good behavioral qualities at all times – both on and off the field;
• Behave to your parents’ standards;
• Respect your teammates;
• Respect your opponents;
• Respect your coaches;
• Respect the Umpire;
• Demand the best from one-self;
• Improve one’s baseball skills based on Coaches direction;
• Practice one’s skills outside of regular practice;
• Help teammates to improve;
• Attend all practices and games;
• Notify the Coach if you are unable to attend a practice or game;
• Notify the Coach of any illness or injury;
• Be on one’s best behavior in the community or any other activity not associated with baseball.

Team Rules

Certain conduct is expected of all WAYBA players on and off the field. Failure to follow the rules can result in suspension or removal from the team. 
• No Alcohol
• No Drugs
• No Profanity
• No Violence – to teammates, opponents, at school, etc.
• Always keep temper under control
• Unsportsmanlike behavior in league play, tournaments, and/or practices will not be tolerated



Parents and athletes need to manage their SportsEngine accounts to receive practice and game communications, to manage registrations, and to sign up for volunteer sessions.  Download the apps to keep connected to get the best experience this season.