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Steve Robinson, a former All-Southwest Conference selection as a catcher for the Trojans, is the head varsity coach for Worthington High School.

His approach is to challenge the abilities and unlock the potential of the players by focusing on fundamentals, mechanics, and having fun. The Trojans' style of play is defense, pitching, and aggressive

Winning games will happen when players are prepared to play hard and always give their best effort.

Winning is our goal but not our philosophy.
As a coach, Robinson expects his players to have respect for the game, teammates, opponents, officials, and the fans.


• Exhibit good sportsmanship on and off the field
• Create a positive culture of team success
• Have previous competitive baseball experience
• Balance player development goals with competitive goals
• Strive for all players to play a significant amount of the proportionate playing time available
• Communicate schedules and more to parents
• Be supportive of all players on the team.

Bat Shopping Advice for Youth Baseball

Proper fit of bats is important.  If you want a bat that is less likely to "ring" in the hands of the batter consider trying a 2 or 3 piece bat vs a one piece bat.

Some of the better brands to consider: 

Easton, DeMarini and Louisville Slugger

Good quality bats tend to cost a little more money.

Coach Wenninger's Bat Shopping Advice
Coach Wenninger's Bat Shopping Advice


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